Administering E-mail accounts

To create, modify or delete e-mail accounts login to “Administration Control Panel”. The URL and login credentials can be found in the email you received when it was created.

Click on Edit Users in the menu on the left, and you will be shown the current user list.

To create a new user click on Add a user to this server and fill in the “Email address” and “Real Name” fields. You may keep the auto-generated password, or set your own.

In the “Quota and home directory settings” section you can set mailbox size limit for the account.

In the “Email settings” section you can disable e-mail virus scanning.

In the “Mail forwarding settings” section you can configure automatic forwarding of incoming messages to another e-mail address, by activating the option “Yes, forward to addresses” and inputting the address the messages will be forwarded to. Additionally you can configure an automated reply to incoming messages by selecting “Yes, respond with message” and inputting the reply below.

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