Desktop Applications

Ron can make you your own Desktop application.

Desktop applications are much faster than Web and Mobile Apps, and they can do more complicated tasks. Desktop applications are always compiled for a specific platform each time (native applications). They can connect and interact with the operating system, thus taking advantage of the capabilities of the operating system and other installed software while, at the same time, they can access the hardware directly.

Their strong points are:

  • they can work off-line (for higher security of your data, faster speeds and uninterrupted access to your data)
  • they can also work on-line (either in your local area network or through the Internet)
  • they can connect with one another or even with other applications (Web, Mobile, your site)
  • they can connect with databases (locally) or servers (remotely)
  • they can even be installed on a memory stick and be used on any computer with the same operating system, without leaving any traces (so you can always have your application with you - in your back pocket).

since we use multi-platform tools, we can compile desktop applications in all the major platforms like Windows, Linux and iOS. We can also migrate your data from your old program to the one we make for you.

Some examples of such programs are:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Logistics
  • Site Back-office
  • Management Flow
  • Data Manipulation
  • Messaging
  • Agenda
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