Web Applications

Ron can make your ideas a reality!

Using cutting edge technology, we create web applications targeting optimum functionality. Our expertise and specializations allows us to research and design integrated web applications fully tailored to the needs of your businesses.

Web applications are programs accessible from your browser (through the Internet or your local network) that allow you to do certain tasks and view the desired result from any computer. A web application is created in order to provide the user with an environment where s/he can exchange information, do specific tasks and edit data.

They are capable of:

  • network communication (locally or though the Internet)
  • running on all operating systems (android, iOS, windows) and devices (PC, mobile phone, tablet), as well as any device that can support a browser (TV, video box, raspberry pi)
  • always being upgraded to the latest version on all your devices
  • connecting to databases (locally) and servers (remotely)
  • communicating among each other as well as with other software (Mobile, Desktop, your website)

Such applications can be:

  • an interface for your CRM database.
  • your website’s back-office.
  • something to manage the flow of operations in your business.

We can create pioneering web applications that act as digital solutions identified by the ease of access from any device, as well as the ability to interact with foreign information systems through the use of Web Services, while at the same time offering a functional work environment with the ability to connect and exchange data with other databases as well as extract information in the form of reports and diagrams.

Come at Ron to create a modern professional tool for your business!

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