Mobile Applications

Since the market for Smart Devices (smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc.) is rapidly increasing, mobile apps have become a necessary part of our daily life that simplify everyday tasks. Trends show that there is an increase in Internet traffic from mobile devises and the prediction is that it will continue on this course over the next years. Through a mobile app, people can communicate, stay informed, play, and shop in on-line stores. Their capabilities don’t stop here, though.

Mobile apps can designed in such a way that they become a very powerful professional tool which will expand the horizons of your business. You will be able to function better, sell your services and products, as well as inform and communicate with your clients. All this with great security and functionality.

Ron can create your own Mobile App!

Mobile apps are capable of:

  • running faster and more smoothly (compared to Web applications) on mobile devises
  • accessing the sensors of the device (GPS, thermometer, accelerometer, and any other sensor your device may have)
  • connecting to databases (locally) and servers (remotely)
  • connecting with each other as well as with other types of applications (Web, Desktop)

Such apps could be:

  • A list of your products in the form of a leaflet (Front End).
  • An app that will be able to connect with your CRM’s database.
  • An app for getting and storing data from the device’s sensors.
  • A messaging app, to communicate with your associates.
  • An agenda to store your appointments, with reminders.

We are here to design the ideal app, tailored to your businesses needs.

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